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Gilboa Quarry is in Findlay, Ohio off of Route 224. Just look for the cement cow. The Gilboa facility prides itself on being dedicated to diving, climbing and rapelling. Bunk houses, as well as appartments are also available, Contact Gilboa Stone Quarry for availability and rates.

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There are a wide variety of fish including: rainbow trout; large, small, and rock bass; bluegill; grass carp; walleye; pearch; coy; and the elusive paddlefish.

Also, the quarry has two designated areas; a shallow side and a deep area (which is any location north of the underwater wall.) To dive on the deep side, all divers must file a deep dive plan regardless of depth. This is strictly enforced!

Absolutely no swimming or fishing!

Please do not park anywhere other than in the front lot, unless you are camping - which you must park in your camp site, or an instructor with a class - which you are able to park in the instructor lot above the instructor's deck. Violators will be towed at their expense! Thank you.

For more information contact Gilboa Stone Quarry, or call us here at D&M.