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We all live in a world that is largely dependent on natural resources. If these natural resources are in a state of decline how will this effect our future? The answer is simple; it depends on how we approach the dilemma. Today's reality is that aquatic environments are affected by pollution, over harvesting, population increases, development and other factors stemming from mankind and nature. Evidence such as reef degradation, marine debris, animal entanglement, and species depletion are signs telling us that our aquatic ecosystems are not healthy. It is easy to recognize the multitude of problems facing the world's aquatic environments but it is just as easy to realize the opportunities we have to get involved and contribute to finding solutions.

By supporting Project AWARE, you are already becoming part of the solution. The more supporters we have working toward possible remedies, the smaller the problems will appear. Whether you are picking up the next piece of debris you find underwater, advocating for stronger environmental policy, or organizing an environmental project in your area, you are making a difference by getting involved. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Please be an advocate for Project AWARE and help find solutions.


The Project AWARE Specialty program is designed to familiarize divers and nondivers with the plight of worldwide aquatic ecosystems.It also describes what individuals can do to help protect aquatic resources.
The program is a nondiving course that only contains classroom presentations.It may be conducted as a stand-alone program or in conjunc tion with other PADI Specialty Diver courses.


To enroll in the Project AWARE Specialty program,participants need not be certified divers nor have any prior scuba or snorkeling experience.There is no minimum age requirement


This course covers information about aquatic ecosystem degradation along with conservation measures to protect aquatic resources, including the following:

  • The Project AWARE philosophy about protecting worldwide aquatic ecosystems.
  • The importance of and interdependent nature of worldwide aquatic ecosystems.
  • Pertinent issues concerning the environmental status of worldwide aquatic ecosystems,including:fisheries concerns,coastal zone management and marine pollution.
  • The status of specific,critically degraded marine environments.
  • Suggestions and information about specific actions that may help to conserve worldwide aquatic ecosystems.

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