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Dear Customers and Friends,

On April 24, 2006 I, Dave Snethkamp, became the owner of Atlantis Outfitters.

I would like to take a moment now and introduce myself to you.

I am the Director of Operations for Solar Testing Laboratories, a commercial construction inspection firm. I am responsible for managing the largest testing lab in Ohio. My company has been responsible for the testing and inspection of projects such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Browns Stadium, and the Gund arena. Dave began diving in 1989, became a PADI Instructor in 1996, and became a PADI Course Director in 2000. Since that time, I have obtained the ratings of Instructor Trainer from DSAT (Diving and Science and Technology), DAN (Divers Alert Network), and EFR (Emergency First Response). My passions in diving lay in cave, wreck and technical diving. With Instructor Trainer ratings from some of the most prestigious training agencies in diving, I am able to truly bring “one stop shopping” to Atlantis Outfitters.


Dave Snethkamp