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Amanda Bagnola

(330) 280-6244



Bill Call


Hey Guys!! If you get down to NC give me a shout!!
I think most of you know me, I used to teach at D&M!

Shane Cappama

(330) 316-2299


New to area. Looking to get some dive buddies to travel with. Typically dive the quarries and Lake Erie. Off on the weekends.

Mats Ceder

(330) 329-4690


Interested in quarry and Lake Erie diving. Also interested in trips. My preference is wreck diving.

Lonnie Cobb

(330) 666-7447

Master Scuba Diver


James R. Coombs

(330) 265-8883


I am a FF/Medic for the City of Canton Fire Department, I work 24hrs on/48 hrs off. So I am available during the week...keep me in mind.

Doug Dobransky

(216) 642-0248


Primarily interested in great lakes wrecks diving during the summer dive season, and north Florida caves during the winter. Also interested in recreational fun dives to White Star or Gilboa quarries on weekends.

Bill Dunman

(216) 496-2862

Master Scuba Diver

Certified AOW 1980 and always willing to run out to the quarries, schedule permitting...Send an email and lets set it up.  The more the merrier!

Johnathan A. Easton

(330) 518-2117


Looking to dive any where, any time I can. Experience from Hawaii and Caribbean to Florida and Ohio, deep wrecks to cold quarries. Have dry suit and doubles.

Todd Fisher

(330) 697-3684


Nitrox certified. Available most any time for local and salt water diving. Enjoy live-aboards, digital photography. Over 100 dives.

Jason Garey

(330) 281-9582


Love to dive the Cenotes (caves)in Mexico

Mark Gaver

(330) 885-0931


Best days for diving are Wednesday & Thursday

Ray Glavac

(440) 975-9264


Have been diving since 2009 and looking foreward this summer to doing alot of local diving, anywhere.

Dave Goda

(216) 346-3145


Available most likely when you are. Currently training to be a rescue diver. Like to travel and visit quarries near and far, as well as lakes and oceans. Think of me next time you want a responsible, caring dive buddy. Stay Safe!

Susan Goepfert


I am looking for a buddy to go diving with but i need to know at less two weeks or more weeks in advance to request time off from work.

Rick Hahn

(330) 323-3043

Master Scuba Diver

Available most week-ends. Nitrox Certified.

Jeremy Hodson

(253) 330-6514



Sarah Johnson

(330) 428-6144



Cant wait to get back into the warm waters.  Would like to learn more diving skills. Have only ocean dived so I am used to seeing clear. Would love to dive in Ohio or around.

Brian Keith

(330) 322-1512

Master Scuba Diver

Weekends, some weekdays, quarries or Lake Erie. Always looking for a dive buddy for the weekdays. Nitrox cert.

Bobbie Kless

(216) 314-7100


Off on weekends; would love to dive more often.

William Lamb


Certified 9/24/06 looking for dive buddies, I'm First Aid and CPR Certified.

Joanna Looby

(330) 277-9957



Rob Lowe

(330) 545-4240



Jenn Mangano


Recently dove in Florida and the clear blue of the Bahamas. Just looking to get more diving in this summer.

Doug Manley

(330) 328-3187



David McKindley

(330) 329-1362


Like wreck diving, lakes, and quarries. Will dive anytime. Available some weekdays and weekends.

Aaron Medley

(330) 685 5797


Would like to dive during the week. Also want to dive lake Erie wrecks. Nitrox certified.

Rich Messenger

(330) 289 3207



Mark Millhoff, Jr.

(330) 808-0590



Kirk Olmstead

(330) 962-4325


Certified a year ago haven't been diving since. Looking for more experience.

Chris Orth

(330) 495-2405

Master Scuba Diver

I work every 3rd day so I am available during the week.

Debbie Price

(330) 935-2363



Looking for someone to dive with and share rides to the quarries.

Ashley Ricker


Looking to meet new people and groups to dive with in local quarries in the summertime. Drop me an email or find me on Facebook to set something up.

Troy Schultz

(330) 815-7731



Fred Shaffer

(330) 847-9352


I am interested in diving in Lake Erie, quarries etc. I have not been diving since Feb. 2006. I want to sharpen my skills.

Kelly Smith

(330) 644-1225



Rick Smith

(330) 497 5343

Advanced / EANx (Nitrox)

Dive Lake Erie around the Island area with a boat docked at Cedar Point

David Snethkamp

(234) 678-3708

Course Director / Trimix IT


Rob Stalnaker

(330) 342-7359


Available most weekends.

Jim Stanford

(234) 678-3708

Master Scuba Diver Trainer


Terry Starcher

(330) 325-9049



Available most Sundays

Eric Swanson


Looking to do more diving!

Robert Taylor

(330) 334-0845

Not Certified

Certified as a Junior Open Water Dive On August 28, 2007.

Ken Teleis

(330) 328-6621


Florida Keys Trip - 2/19/07 also Maui, Hawaii 7/21/07 - Quarries or anywhere else in the summer. Will dive with any level of diver.

Randy Weirich

(330) 418-6706

Master Scuba Diver

Enjoy lake erie wreck diving and quarry diving. Available sundays, most mondays, the rare saturday and possible day during the week with notice.