VEVOR 110V Electric Ice Shaver Crusher

VEVOR 110V Electric Ice Shaver Crusher

VEVOR 110V Electric Ice Shaver Crusher
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Electric Dual-blade Ice Crusher (Silver)
Our electric ice shaver features an eyes-pleasing appearance and powerful performance. With the built-in 300W copper motor, it can crush 210 lbs (95 kg) of ice each hour, providing you with soft, fluffy, and powdery snow ice and meeting your demands in a relatively short time. Considerate design details and accessories are also integrated, such as the practical ice bowl, splash-proof ice outlet, ergonomic handle, U-shaped base with non-skid feet, dense air vents, etc. It is perfect for restaurants, canteens, bars, cafés, snack stands, etc.
Higher Crushing Efficiency
Wider Inlet Larger Capacity
Practical Stainless Ice Bowl
Details for Comfortable Use
Snow Cone of Various Flavors

Model: BY-300FD
Color: Silver
Material: ABS+Al Alloy
Ice Shaving Capacity: 210 lbs (95 kg) per Hour
Voltage: 110V / 60Hz
Rated Power: 300W
Rotating Speed: 1450 r/min
Ice Inlet Diameter: 4.5 in (11.5 cm)
Ice Outlet Height: 5.3 in (13.5 cm)
Ice Bowl Size: Φ7.6×1.8 in (Φ19.3×4.6 cm)
Ice Bowl Weight: 0.2 lbs (91 g)
Product Dimensions: 16.1×10.2×12.6 in (41x26x32 cm)
Product Weight: 12.13 lbs (5.5 kg)

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